Heading for Chianti, Tuscany in the Tesla Model 3

Our Tesla Model 3 road trip across Europe – Day 8 & 9 – Arriving in Chianti

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It was time to take the Model 3 and leave the coastal part of Tuscany and head for Chianti and the beautiful landscapes of that area and Val D’Orcia. After a couple of espressos and a small breakfast we headed for Lucca, as we wanted to take a walk round that town. There are quite a few tourists but a walk on the 4 meter high wall surrounding the town gives you a great view and experience.

Tesla Model 3 road trip view over Ripa

Our Tesla Model 3 road trip – a 5,121 km drive across Europe – Day 1 & 2

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A few months ago we bought our first electric car, the Tesla Model 3, and decided to make this year’s summer vacation a road trip to Tuscany, Italy, and back. This road trip will be covered in a series of blog posts spanning the 15 days of the total trip, starting in Denmark, across Germany, Switzerland, into Italy and back across the same countries. Before I go into details let me highlight a few thoughts about this car and our motivations for taking this road trip.