Heading for Chianti, Tuscany in the Tesla Model 3

Our Tesla Model 3 road trip across Europe – Day 8 & 9 – Arriving in Chianti

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This post is part of a series of blog posts covering our Tesla Model 3 road trip. If you didn’t already, read it from the beginning

It was time to take the Model 3 and leave the coastal part of Tuscany and head for Chianti and the beautiful landscapes of that area and Val D’Orcia. After a couple of espressos and a small breakfast we headed for Lucca, as we wanted to take a walk round that town. There are quite a few tourists but a walk on the 4 meter high wall surrounding the town gives you a great view and experience.

Driving the 162 km from Ripa to Ferraia in Chianti was a breeze. Highway most of the way.

Parking the Model 3 at Lucca also gave me the chance to try out Sentry Mode. Just before we left Denmark I bought a USB stick working as a MicroSD adapter and a MicroSD card. Sentry Mode is a state you enable, either in the car or using the app, that will put the car in a “watch mode”. It will use the cars cameras to record motion and any physical disturbance to the car. It will use the side cameras and front camera for this. If someone tries to break in, eventually the car will blast Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor at very high volume to scare the vandal off. After some more visual warnings though. Sentry mode is a great feature to capture hit-and-runs at a parking lot, where someone backs into your car and let’s you get their plates. Watch Sentry Mode in action – guard those cookies 🙂

When walking the wall of Lucca you get really nice views of the town.
Leavning Lucca feeling that there is much more to see. It was incredibly hot in Lucca this day and we had a host to go meet in Chianti, so we had to go. Even though there was a Mark Knopfler concert in Lucca that evening. Boy, did I want to go to that!
Leavning Lucca and these beautiful clouds.

We continued east towards Florence where we would have our charging stop for the day. We would be able to go to our Chianti destination without charging but we knew that the day after we would need to go to Bologna and have lunch with a friend so we wanted to be prepared for that drive. This is some of the small planning you do with a car like this.

Around 18.30 we arrived at our destination in Chianti which would be our home for 4 days. It was at an old 15th century mill, Il Mulino Di Ferraia that is now used as a private residence for Elisabeth and Marco. They rent out 3 of their rooms on Airbnb which was where we found them. Have a look at the place here. The pictures are great but it was even more fantastic in real life. Elisabeth made us dinner for our arrival and we took a walk in the garden and went to bed early because we would have a semi-long trip the day after for that lunch in the hills of Bologna.

A walk in the garden of the old mill.

See the post of Day 10 of our road trip to the hills of Bologna and a talk about Tesla Superchargers.

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